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Owner Heinz Reize is a recognized Swiss chef and experienced hotel manager. His career took him from Switzerland to Germany, Holland, Canada, the US Virgin Island, Curacao and Mexico.
In 1967, he was part of the team that cooked the closing dinner of the Expo’67 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal for 7,500 guests.

In 1972, he was named Executive Chef of the Curacao Hilton, the youngest head chef of the Hilton chain. In Acapulco he was promoted as a corporate chef for Hyatt Mexico, where he organized the gala dinner of the ASTA’78 for 5,500 guests.

As a General Manager of Hotel Krystal Vallarta, he became also president of the PV Tourism Board, promoting Puerto Vallarta all over the World. Enchanted by the charm of Puerto Vallarta, its people and landscapes, Heinz decided to settle here. Together with his friend and entrepreneur Andrés Famania Ortega, on August 14, 1997, he opened this little gastronomic niche COCO TROPICAL.

As a member of the “Best Specialty Restaurants Club”, “Platinum Dining Guide” and co-founder of the “International Gourmet Festival”, our mission is; to offer best quality of food, drinks, service and ambiance at the best possible price. Our goal is the search for constant innovation in order to satisfy our customers.